Protocol as a Service: Media Network's Vision for Self-Sustaining

PUBLISHED IN External Content, ON June 7th, 2023
Protocol as a Service: Media Network's Vision for Self-Sustaining

In the ever-evolving landscape of Web3, Media Network steps forth with a radical new web services marketplace aimed to revolutionize the way protocols operate and create value.

Traditionally, revenue generation has been a complex task in the decentralized ecosystem, with only Layer 1s, exchanges, and infrastructural providers managing to derive sustainable profits. However, Media Network is set to change this paradigm, fostering direct interaction between providers and clients via Protocol as a Service (PaaS).

Media Network's business model is distinct from the conventional speculation-focused systems. It's not about purchasing a token before anyone else but about providing value and benefiting from it.

One of the core innovations Media Network brings to the table is using smart contracts for transactions. Clients will now employ smart contracts to pay providers, paving the way for a self-sustaining protocol that supports itself without external funding.

In the Media Network's web services marketplace, providers establish direct connections with clients who benefit from their services, fostering a more balanced value exchange.

Achieving Sustainable Decentralization: The Ultimate Goal

The goal is simple yet transformative: create a sustainable, open-source business model that can support the protocol and incentivize the development of user-desired products. Media Network believes that through this new approach, they can bridge the gap between the current web3 development landscape and the future where decentralized protocols become the norm.

This model brings a promising future for open-source business models and protocol development. It reimagines how value is created and exchanged within the web3 ecosystem, promoting more direct and equitable relationships between service providers and clients.

With Protocol as a Service, Media Network is truly laying the groundwork for a more sustainable, balanced, and user-focused web3. It's a big win for protocol development, open-source business models, and the future of the decentralized economy.

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Media Network is a decentralized hub for web services, connecting providers and clients through smart contracts. Anchored on Media Protocol.

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