Media Network's Fireside Chat at Content Delivery Summit

PUBLISHED IN Events and Community, ON May 11th, 2022
Media Network's Fireside Chat at Content Delivery Summit

We are excited to announce that on May 23rd, we’ll be taking the stage at the Content Delivery Summit, The Leading Conference for CDN, Edge Delivery, and Distributed Computing, in Boston, MA.

Nicolas Barcan, our Co-Founder & COO will talk about current centralized CDNs problems, protocols as service, and present challenges for dCDNs, at the fireside chat: “Beyond The Theory Of Decentralization, Blockchain, & Crypto CDN”.

Nowadays, Media Network is the only dCDN with a working product in the crypto ecosystem. DAOs & DeFi teams currently use the service in production, processing around 10M daily requests.

We’ll have the honor to share the panel with Chris Allen, CEO of Red5 Pro & Boris Bogatin, CSO of Siden. Mark de Jong will be the moderator.

Speakers of companies like CDN77, Akamai Technologies, NBCUniversal, Streaming Video Alliance, Disney Streaming, Red5Pro, Fastly, Paramount, and Oracle Cloud, among others, will also be part of the agenda.

In its 15th year, the Content Delivery Summit is the longest-running conference focusing on the convergence of the technology and business that enables online publishers to reach audiences at scale.

We want to thank the CDN Alliance & Streaming Media for its interest in decentralization and the next generation of CDNs.

Media Network: From Legacy dCDN to Decentralized Web Services Marketplace

The Media Foundation is launching a new decentralized marketplace for CDN services that uses smart contracts to manage interactions between providers and clients. However, the existing dCDN network will still operate on Solana for a smooth transition.

The legacy dCDN network, which is run by CDthe Media Foundation and requires 25 MEDIA SPL tokens for creating and removing CDN resources, will remain fully functional. Clients who use the Solana SPL Media program and the Legacy dCDN network can continue to use their current services without interruption.

The new marketplace will offer clients more choices as they can browse and search for CDN providers, view their offers, and transact using MEDIA tokens. Meanwhile, the Media Foundation continues to support the Solana SPL Media program and the Legacy dCDN network.

About Media Network

Media Network is a decentralized hub for web services, connecting providers and clients through smart contracts. Anchored on Media Protocol.

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