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Media Network is a web services ecosystem, seamlessly connecting providers and clients through smart-contracts.


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Why Media Network?

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MEDIA Network Token

MEDIA is the cornerstone and vital artery of the network’s economy. It is the medium of exchange between clients and providers, thereby powering and ensuring the long-term self-sustainability of the protocol.

Media Network App

The Media App serves as an intuitive front-end interface for accessing the features of the Media Network protocol.

This app is designed to simplify the browsing and usage of web services, as well as the management of payments and transactions, without requiring any technical knowledge or experience.

By streamlining the interaction with the Media Network, the Media App enables more users to benefit from the protocol's decentralized marketplace and smart contracts. 

Media Server Express 

Media Server Express is a hosted instance of Media Server, an open-source multi-protocol live streaming software.

As Media Network powers the last-mile content delivery, it becomes decentralized and censorship-resistant.

Host your instance using your computer, VPS, or dedicated server.

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